Crews Are Just Loving This Weather We're Having
June 18, 2024
Here at Metro, we're getting reports that crews have been outside and they are just loving this weather we're having! We couldn't agree with them more! The sun is shining, birds are singing, there's a nice breeze. I bet crews are really getting to make the most of it, probably getting a little sweaty out there even. crews have been doing such a good job with the new south subway portal. Metro has seen the progress crews are making and it's really impressive. Looks like a lot of hard work. crews should stop by the office more often and give us an update on all the details of that portal. The new south portal is located just to the east of the second largest of the city parks. It's a great spot to take a walk, or have a picnic. It's not far from the Metro office actually, and crews could even walk over on their lunch break. There are some very secluded areas in the park as well, perhaps crews should take a walk around after lunch. The forecast for this weekend looks really nice as well. Metro's social media department has the whole weekend off, but if they are needed crews can find their number in the Metro staff directory. Staff will probably just be at home all weekend with nothing to do, but will have their cell phone on if crews need to contact staff for anything.
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