Check Out Our New Proposed Alignments That Still Include a Monorail for Some Reason
December 5, 2023
Here at Metro we've been working on the Eastside subway expansion project for over 10 years! In that time we've gone through more than a dozen different proposed alignments. We're excited to announce our final designs, which still includes a monorail for no apparent reason! We know that a monorail would be a disastrous waste of money and effort and would accommodate a 3rd as many people while costing almost the same, but yet it's still one of the choices! City-wide surveys have repeatedly shown that a Monorail is not a preferred option, but that hasn't stopped us here at Metro from moving the proposal forward every time of eliminations! As we narrow it down to the final 2 proposals this week, we suggest you attend Metro's board meeting. This will be the 30th board meeting where the Monorail option was expected to be scrapped but you'll have to attend another one if you would like your input considered. The meeting is on Tuesday the 19th at 2pm.
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