Customers Are Experiencing A 35 Minute Delay. The Train Itself Is 65 Minutes Late But It Only Feels Like 35!
June 4, 2024
Experience is everything! That's why we're so happy that Metro's riders waiting for the Eastern Rail Line are experiencing a 35 minute delay. Why is that good news? Because the train is actually delayed by over an hour! Our experience team at Metro has been studying how to minimize the feelings of a delayed train, and these efforts are finally paying off. Several strategies have been employed at this station, including television displays showing interesting content and trivia questions, to numerous informational posters, as well as setting all the clocks in the station 15 minutes behind. The station's train arrival time displays also now show only 2/3 of the expected arrival time. If a train is going to be 30 minutes late, the display will show it as only 20 minutes late, giving customers the feeling that they won't be waiting as long as that. Crews are also researching the playing of well know songs at lower tempos, as well as subjecting customers to extreme temperature swings to distract from the train's predicted arrival times.
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