Electrification of West-Central Line Postponed Due to Potential Damage to Historically Significant Rock Pile
December 22, 2023
Metro has postponed the electrification of the West-Central rail line amid concerns about the possibility of damage to a historically significant pile of rocks. Earlier this year residents around the right of way expressed concern about Metro's plan to electrify the West-central line. The plan would allow faster clean-electric trains to run more often, and allow the corridor to be considered for high-density development. However this proposal included removal of the a large pile of rocks near mile marker 18. The removal of the pile would be required to install supports for catenary overhead wires. It was brought to Metro's attention that this pile of rocks may have historical significance. The rocks may have been leftover from original fill used to build this line in 1984! Metro has committed $1.2 million for review of all rock piles along the right of way. The contract was awarded to a non-profit specializing in recently historic piles of rocks, gravel, and large to medium sand. Initial findings are expected in late 2024.
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