Metro Bike Lanes Protected by Some of the Thickest Paint in the Nation!
February 9, 2024
Here at Metro safety is one of our top priorities, as many people don't realize not everyone can be in a car. The safety of cyclists on our roads is often mentioned in the feedback we receive, and it's been a central focus of Metro's road division for over 6 months. Part of this focus is an ongoing investigation into our current infrastructure. Metro worked with an outside consulting agency to assess the quality and design of current bike lanes, and the preliminary results were delivered this week. This report is part of a larger 1.2 million dollar contract for a full assessment and recommendations due in 2026. The preliminary report shows that Metro is doing things right! It shows that many of our current bike lanes are protected by some of the thickest paint lines in nation. This paint is reflective, and it's so thick that multiple drivers reported being able to feel the paint lines as they crossed over them! If drivers are able to tell when they cross into a bike lane, they won't enter the bike lane unless they feel it necessary, keeping cyclists safe. Not only are the lanes marked with thick paint, but the bicycle diagrams used to mark the lane are as well, ensuring that cyclists can feel the pattern of rolling over the bicycle stencil while riding, letting them know they are still in the bike lane!
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