Remember not to park in the bike lane unless you're going to be really quick!
January 30, 2024
At Metro we strive to ensure the safety of everyone on the roads, but we can only do that with your help! If you're driving, you have a responsibility to everyone out there using the roads and paths. Thinking of pulling over and parking in the bike lane? The only time this is appropriate is if there is an emergency vehicle with it's lights and siren on, or if you're going to be really really quick. When a car parks in the bike lane this means bikers cannot use it, forcing them into the street sharing the lane with cars, or onto sidewalks where drivers may be walking. While it might seem like no big deal to pull over and leave your car to run into a coffee shop, this is only appropriate if the line looks really short or there are multiple baristas working the registers. Believe it or not, these lanes were built with bikers in mind! While there are a few locations where parking spaces were removed to make room for a bike path, that doesn't mean cars are allowed to park there, unless they are really just running in to drop off a package or something like that. Remember, if you do park in a bike lane, make sure to put your hazard lights on, this tells bikers you know you're not supposed to be there, and makes them more willing to risk their lives biking around your car. And if you think you might be parked for more than 5 minutes, take advantage of one of Metro's 117 surface parking lots!
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