Buses To Replace Stairs At 3rd Street Station
February 6, 2024
Metro is always working to improve our stations. While it might not seem like it, our stairs see a significant amount of foot traffic! All that walking, combined with several drainage issues, is rough on stair treads. In fact, several of the metal stair edges have come loose over or been removed the last 9 years. To adequately perform repairs, the stairs will be closed for the next 2 weeks. During this time, a shuttle bus will be available for customers needing to reach the East portal of the station. To use the shuttle, simply exit the station from the West portal staircase, cross 3rd street, and walk halfway down the block. The shuttle pickup location will be marked with temporary signs. The shuttles run every 40 minutes and take 32 minutes to reach the east stairway portal. The shuttle will not sun on Sundays, however the train is also not running on Sundays. During construction the East portal elevator will remain in service during this time as well.
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