We're Upgrading All Our Fare Machines To Windows CE
February 23, 2024
Do you love checking out the latest gadgets? Well you'll love paying your fare on Metro as we roll out our new fare boxes and gates based on Microsoft Windows CE! Metro has been working with our ticketing vendor for several years to develop a cutting edge system for use across our buses and trains! The new "TapPlusGO" terminals will begin to be rolled out this month. While they may not look as new as we're told they are under the hood, our vendor chose this style to match our existing stations! While initial renderings looked hyper modern, this design was chosen to compliment our existing rolling stock. they even went as far as yellowing some of the plastic to make the transition less jarring for our riders! These new gates and boxes run a state of the art operating system from Microsoft, called Windows CE. Our vendor has told us this is the most respected operating system, and one of the cheapest to license! We hope you enjoy these new machines, and keep in mind you may need to carry a second transit card during the transition as we've been getting reports that the new systems are not fully compatible with our older fare cards.
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