Looking For Your Bus? Easy! Text Our New System And Find Out What City It's In!
February 13, 2024
Have you ever been waiting for the bus and wondered where it is? Buses certainly seem to get up to a lot of adventures before they get to your stop. Well wonder no longer with our new Bus-Locate alert system. With this system, you can enter your bus number and find out exactly what city your bus is currently in. Need to keep tabs on it? No problem, sign up for alerts and you'll receive an email every time your bus crosses a city boundary. This new system began development in 2005, using the U.S. Coast guard's LORAN system. In 2009 receivers were installed in all buses at a cost of 430 million dollars. The LORAN system was decommissioned in 2010 and Metro's bus tracking system was put on hold. Work began again in 2015 using new GPS based system. The new system allows buses to relay their location to a number of beacons setup around the region. So next time you're looking for the bus, look no further than your hand!
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