Light Rail Power Up! Trains Will Get a Green Light if no Cars are Present!
February 2, 2024
Ever wished you could turn the traffic lights green? Well Metro is giving that power to our downtown light rail lines! Now if a train is approaching an intersection, and there are no cars using the intersection, the train will automatically get the green light. Metro has been testing the new system on two crossings and it has shown to decrease travel times by upwards of 15 seconds. Once all of the crossings are updated, the trains should save well over a minute of travel time, all without inconveniencing drivers! The upgrades to the signal infrastructure will be completed over the next two years, at a current estimated cost of $234 million. These upgrades were necessary to detect motor vehicles and avoid turning green lights red for car traffic. The system will operate only during non-rush hour periods to avoid any disruptions to current traffic patterns at those times. Metro's light rail system is always expanding and now it's getting faster as well! So wave next time you see us go by!
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