Looking For A New Perspective? Metro Bus Wraps Let You Experience What It's Like To Be Inside A Microwave!
January 26, 2024
Ever wondered what it would look like to live inside a microwave? Looking out at the world through a grid of tiny holes? Just a little green bean ready to get piping hot and satisfy someone's hunger? Well now you can experience that perspective on 50 of Metro's buses! Metro's advertising partners have developed a new bus-wrap that almost fully encases the bus, covering every window except a small view port for the bus operator. Original plans for the bus wrap were completely opaque, but concerns about the cost of installing additional internal lighting ruled out this option. The solution was to add a grid of tiny holes, just like those you'd find on the door of a microwave. (Think Swiss cheese for Nazis!) The holes allow light into the bus without compromising the advertiser's message. And just like a microwave, looking through can be an exciting challenge! Trying to look at your ramen, but can't stop your eyes from focusing on the mesh of the door? Slowly moving your head around while focusing through the grid works here as well. Maybe you can get the whole bus bobbing and weaving along with you! For our advertiser's there's an added benefit; any of their competitor's advertising the bus happens to pass will be that much harder to notice from inside the bus!
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