Metro Mystery: One of our buses is operating 30 minutes behind schedule but we don’t know which one it is
January 5, 2024
Looks like we've got an old fashioned whodunit here at Metro. One of our buses is running late but we haven't pinpointed it's location yet. We know late-arriving buses can be an annoying to our customers, and we are working to get to the bottom of this. The first reports were from bus route 33. A Metro rider used our new "BusIQ" app to report that a bus on that line did not arrive on time, and they were unable to get to work. When we got this report crews started to investigate this late bus. As they closed it, we received a call at Metro's customer help hotline, "CusIQ" that a bus was late on the 45 line. We are not sure how the bus was able to make both lines late, and we can only assume it was inadvertently scheduled to run on both lines. If you have any information on what bus is running late, contact Metro customer care center in person at the West End Bus Center. The hours of operation are 11am to 3:45pm
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