Planned Highway Widening Displaces Multiple Bus Operators. Delays Expected
November 24, 2023
As the widening of the East Side Interchange continues, Metro has learned that unfortunately several of our bus operators were living in the houses we demolished in order to widen the highway. We were unaware anyone of importance was residing in these buildings, which were seized by imminent domain in March of 2021. The tenants of an apartment complex on 231 5th St turned out to include 6 bus operators that drive bus route 43, 33, and 10 As these operators need time to relocate their families and find new housing, they will not be able to drive the routes in had been. With our staff of bus operators already stretched thin, we have no choice but to cancel several trips on these lines. Metro has committed to ensuring this does not happen again, and going forward all bus operators living in the vicinity of a highway widening will be furloughed well ahead of scheduled demolitions.
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