5 Things We're Adding to Our Stations that Aren't Bathrooms
December 18, 2023
Metro is always working to improve our stations! Check out these 5 upgrades that definitely don't include public restrooms!
1. LED Lighting
Metro is committed to using the latest technology to go green. With that goal in mind, we've been replacing our existing lighting with modern LED solutions. The existing florescent fixtures used twice the electricity, while also containing up to a pound of mercury per light. When doing the replacements we've been careful to match the harshness of a florescent light, as well as not adding any lights in areas of stations that were dimly lit such as existing bathrooms.
2. Police
Can't have a station without Police! While they may not help anyone needing to use the bathroom, they do have guns and lots of other expensive stuff on their belts! Got some extra time to pass while waiting for your train? Play detective and try to figure out why the transit officers have 2 different types of pepper-spray cans. If one is pepper spray, what's the other one? Or you could try to imagine how you'd take their gun. It's right there, it seems so easy, he's not even looking at you, could you do it?
3. Water
It might remind you of a bathroom, but no plumbing is involved in this one! Thanks to budget cuts Metro has decided to halt plans to add more storm proofing and sump pumps to stations. Let the rain fall down and wake your dreams!
4. Advertising
If you love products and services and don't need to pee you're going to love this one! We're doubling the amount of advertising in all stations! Want to find out about a new shampoo or medical study to participate in? Metro's got you covered!
5. Removing benches
While it might seem like we're removing something rather than adding something with this one, think again! Multiple surveys have shown that customers would rather be sitting on a train instead of on a bench at the station, so see-ya later second rate seating!
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